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The Kenshi Dojo is part of the Cork Budokai (Japanese Martial art School). We do train Japanese sword based martial arts as Iaido/Iaijutsu and   others as Jodo/Jojutsu, Tanjojutsu.


This is a friendly atmosphere environment, where we help each other in the way of the Samurai. The teaching methods are based on real classic Japanese training programs. We also teach about the Bushido ( the legendary code of the Samurai) and to be respectful to the others around us.


We train under the Irish Kendo Federation which is part of the Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei (The Japanese Kendo Federation) so all grades  done in Iaido and Jodo are  under the supervision of ZNKR and are worldwide recognized.


We also encourage our students to learn about the Japanese culture and about other Japanese arts like Calligraphy.


We offer a free trial month for every person, to try out these unique and authentic Japanese Martial arts before become a full member.


Every person after becoming a full member will receive a handbook in english with all the necessary knowledge to start.


Dojo membership: €45 monthly

Irish Kendo Federation membership: €60 anually( this is the insurance fee to be paid by every person who trains martial arts)

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